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About Us

My name is Sky Rise Foods, 100% Canadian owned and managed corporation and I have a startling fact to share with you.

Are you sitting down? The average CANADIAN family spends 200 HOURS a year in grocery travel, parking, shopping, line ups and loading groceries!!!!! That works out to more than the average work month!!!!

I didnít mean to shock you, but itís true. While Iím sure SOME people love that relaxing grocery store dash, I am here for the others. Through wisdom, experience and research I have learned that some of you donít like the grocery store hassle, and some of you donít mind but would like your time back.

Thatís where I come in. I, Sky Rise Foods, am here to assist you with this necessary but time consuming chore. If you let me, I am going to do the grocery shopping for you, bringing ďThe Grocery Store To Your Door!Ē And for a very reasonable price as well.

I am a local online grocery store. By local I mean that at this moment in time Sky Rise Foods is only serving Vancouver, including the areas of West Point Grey, Dunbar-Southlands, Kitsilano, Arbutus Ridge, Kerrisdale, Fairview, Shaughnessy, Oakridge, Marpole, Mount Pleasant, South Cambie, Riley Park-Little Mountain, Sunset, West End, Downtown, False Creek, Gas Town, Yaletown, Coal Harbour, China Town, Strathcona, and the UBC Area. And keep your eye out, Burnaby, we will be expanding there soon!

If you're in my service area, simply choose your groceries from our website, put in your address information and your payment, as well as what time you would like your groceries to arrive at your front door (as soon as the next day).

I, Sky Rise Foods, would be†honored†if you let me save your time, save your gas, save the miles on your car, stand in line for you, save your parking money, save the numbing on your fingers as you walk with too many bags of groceries in your hands, and pack the groceries to your door. After all, itís what I was born to do.

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